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Exim 4 and Dynamic IP-Addresses

I’ve recently changed my network connection at home to a provider which assigns dynamic addresses. Exim always provided a broken HELO/EHLO name to my smarthost since then because my externally visible hostname changes each time I connect. I’m now using Exim’s Perl interface to lookup the assigned hostname when connecting my smarthost:

  • /etc/exim4/exim.pl:
    Don’t forget to change ppp0 to the interface you want to handle!
    #! /usr/bin/perl
    # Requires libio-interface-perl
    use strict;
    use IO::Socket;
    use IO::Interface;
    sub get_remote_helo_data()
        my $s = IO::Socket::INET->new(Proto => 'udp');
        my $addr = inet_aton($s->if_addr('ppp0'));
        my $hostname = gethostbyaddr($addr, AF_INET);
        $hostname = '' if (!$hostname);
        return $hostname;
  • /etc/exim4/conf.d/main/50_exim4-localconfig_perl:
    perl_at_start = true
    perl_startup = do '/etc/exim4/exim.pl'
  • Add the following code to the appropriate transport, e.g. remote_smtp_smarthost:
    helo_data = \
      ${if >{${strlen:${perl{get_remote_helo_data}}}}{0} \
                     {${perl{get_remote_helo_data}}} \

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