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Compiz Patches

I planned to post an article about the state of Compiz Fusion today. It is not finished yet because instead of just complaining I actually fixed a couple of issues I have had with it:

  • 040-decorator.patch
    This patch implements metacity-like raising and lowering of windows by pressing the left or middle mouse button on a window’s decoration. Useful if you don’t use raise-on-click or auto-raise.
    References: Ubuntu bug, OpenCompositing bug
  • 041-shadow_offset.patch
    This patches makes the shadow x/y offset settings work, they had no effect up to now. The patch also pushes the upper limit for the shadow radius to 48.0 because that is what the decorator can handle.
    References: Ubuntu bug, OpenCompositing bug
  • 042-smart_placement.patch
    This patch fixes the client size calculation for smart window placement. Without this fix smart placement insists on keeping about 17 pixels of free space on the right viewport edge.
    References: Ubuntu bug, OpenCompositing bug

All patches are for Ubuntu’s current compiz packages for Hardy Heron.

As for my original plan, I will post the Compiz article on the weekend!