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Apple Rant

I want one of those new MacBook Pros.

I want one with a US keyboard!

Unfortunately Apple seems to be unable to provide US keyboards to European customers : (

The German webstore offers an International-English keyboard but that is different from US style keyboards: narrow Return key, additional key between left Shift and Z.

Several phone calls and emails didn’t help: No US keyboards for German users!

I never had this problem with other notebook manufacturers like Dell, Toshiba, and IBM. It can’t be that hard to put a different keyboard on that thingie when assembling it.

June 14th, 2007: Also read the follow-up to this post: Apple Praise : )

wordpress.org Cracked, Exploit in 2.1.1 Release

As pointed out on the WordPress development blog, a cracker gained access to the wordpress.org servers and replaced the 2.1.1 download with a modified exploitable version. The exploitable download may have been on the site for three or four days!

It may be a good idea for the developers to sign their releases with a well known and trusted PGP key. This would allow people to verify that downloaded files are really what they should be!
This is a well-established practice used by other projects, for example by the Linux kernel.