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Facebook Chat Via XMPP Finally Supports TLS

Looks like Facebook silently introduced encryption for chats in XMPP/Jabber clients (Pidgin, Adium, etc.): Its servers now support the use of TLS as defined in RFC 3920.

Facebook’s FAQs (1, 2) have not been updated accordingly yet.

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Julien Nakache said

Hi there,
how did you know they actually support TLS ? Have you tried it yourself ?

I noticed that Adium suddenly showed a certificate for chat.facebook.com (Adium does TLS for XMPP even when ‘Require SSL/TLS’ is turned off but the server supports it) and took a look at the raw XML.

Julien Nakache said

ok. thanks.

jayesh said

i have problem regarding access token.
i can’t u’stand its format and which part of access token need to put in coding.

so if u have any idea regarding it please share it and help me.

thanks & greetings