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New-Style Last.fm Scrobbler for Ubuntu Natty

My last.fm plug-in for Rhythmbox is now available for Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal).

You can get the packages by running the following commands in a terminal:

$ sudo add-apt-repository \
    'http://blog.blackdown.de/static/debian/rhythmbox/ main'
$ wget http://blog.blackdown.de/static/gpg.asc -O - | \
    sudo apt-key add -
$ sudo aptitude update
$ sudo aptitude install rhythmbox rhythmbox-plugins lastfm

Please remember to disable the old Last.fm plug-in before enabling mine (New Style Last.fm Scrobbler). Also note that my plug-in requires the lastfm client to work correctly.

If you are using Ubuntu Unity and you are missing the last.fm client’s systray icon, then take a look at Whitelisting the Last.fm Tray Icon in Ubuntu Unity.

Read more about the plugin and get the source code at Last.fm for Rhythmbox – New Style.

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I have natty and my terminal says

koistinen@koistinen-35602:~$ sudo aptitude update
sudo: aptitude: command not found

Why? I wanna scrobble :(

Ah, sorry. I assumed aptitude gets installed by default. But it looks like you have to install it via the software center or “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install aptitude” first. Alternatively above commands should work when you replace “aptitude” with “apt-get”.

(I probably should document the GUI way to install the plug-in).

It works now, finally I don’t have to use the buggy last.fm plugin… Dankeschön!

And yeah, a GUI solution could help some not so nerdy peeps :)

Dan Galt said

‘W: GPG error: http://blog.blackdown.de natty InRelease: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY C0278D5B730A28A5′

I done as you suggested and installed aptitude separate then swaped ‘aptitude’ with ‘apt-get’ however despite this I’m unable to install the plug in due to the error shown above.

Any idea what the root of this could be or have I made a wrong step?

You have to install my PGP key, so that apt is able to check the integrity of the files. See the wget/apt-key line above.