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Rhythmbox Last.fm Scrobbler v3

A new version of last.fm plug-in for is available now. Changes since v2:

  • Start the last.fm client in the system tray
  • Try to start last.fm (beta client) before lastfm (stable client)
  • Reduce bogus RESUME/PAUSE commands
  • Miscellaneous small bug fixes

Read more about the plugin and get the source code or an Ubuntu package at Last.fm for Rhythmbox – New Style.

If the Rhythmbox developers are interested, I’ll start to merge this new plug-in with the old one that is bundled with Rhythmbox.

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Mädchen said

kannst du mir das nochmal auf deutsch und für ganz Dumme beschreiben, gerne auch per mail.
Ich benutze EEEbuntu.
und vielen Dank!

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