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Stop Facebook From Tracking You on Third-Party Sites

If you are using Firefox with the Adblock Plus add-on, it is quite easy to stop Facebook from tracking you on third-party sites via its Facebook Connect program or by other means. Just add these four rules to Adblock Plus:


Instead of adding the rules manually, you can subscribe to this Adblock Plus filter subscription: Facebook Connect Opt-Out.

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Lisa said

Thank you! I’ve been trying to keep track of all the privacy changes and the new avenues of information leak, and I didn’t realize until this morning that even with the strictest privacy settings, and even being logged out of Facebook, that Facebook can still track you to every site using the Like or Connect program.

I found out about this from the Media & Tech blog here: http://media-tech.blogspot.com/2010/05/social-plug-ins-and-like-button-insane.html

I had been testing it this morning and found myself thinking paying attention to every site I visited and for the first time, REALLY thinking of ditching FB.

I just tested Baert’s subscription with your rules and it works great!


Gabriel said


This was exactly what I was looking for!


Art said

Thank you! Some Facebook bug ignored the fact that I had disabled Instant Personalisation on all external websites and all of a sudden there was my FB profile on every other site I visited. I’ve added your filters and they seem to have done the trick.

gimi said

Thank you. Works with chrome too.