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Sun Java Packages for Debian and Ubuntu

Sun now allows redistribution of Java by Linux and Open-Solaris distributions.

As a result of this move, there are now packages of Sun’s Java for Debian and Ubuntu.
The packaging code is largely based on the code we are using for Blackdown Java for some years. The code is available under the MIT license from the jdk-distros project on java.net. (More info on Tom Marble’s blog.)

I’m glad Sun finally opens Java up a bit after years of restrictive licensing.

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Scott MacKenzie said

I’m sure others would welcome a note to this effect on the main http://www.blackdown.org webpage. Just a thought.

[…] Sun allows GNU/Debian include java package. 从blackdown的人那儿看到的:http://blog.blackdown.de/2006/05/17/sun-java-packages-for-debian-and-ubuntu/#comments简单的一步走了很多年。http://www.sun.com/smi/Press/sunflash/2006-05/sunflash.20060516.4.xml通过java.net的jdk-distros project发布。https://jdk-distros.dev.java.net/#use_it傻瓜板的示范见https://jdk-distros.dev.java.net/debian.html今天update了一把,debian unstable里面已经有了。刚好今天TWS OutOfMemoryError了(1.5G的memory还抱怨),换新的j2se1.5看看会不会好点。apt-get -t unstable install sun-java5-jre sun-java5-plugin 已经公开 Thursday, July 13, 2006 3:16 AM 作者: telle 所属归类: 富贵之前 […]

Fraulein suus said